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When comparing programs, take into account ALL of our features: It is worth noting the program is offered in both the spring and fall semesters. With advanced planning and coordination with your college and department s you can apply courses taken on study abroad to your major, minor, breadth, and general education requirements, allowing you to graduate on a four-year plan.

In addition to the semester in Oman, Northwestern College also offers students a semester in Romania, studying post-communist Eastern Europe.

Harvard Summer Program in Kyoto, Japan

There is a Middlebury staff member at each site ready to offer academic and personal support. Duke University Beginning in FallDuke University will launch a semester long program in India, focusing on both rural and urban life.

Courses are held only with other St. Students meet regularly to study a topic related to a location abroad, and at the end of the semester, the class travels to that location to experience their learning first-hand.

Frequent discussion and debriefing following these activities play an integral part of the program. How were the lives of ordinary people affected. Programs are open to students of all majors and students will fulfill their general education requirements while abroad. Where You Live and Study Kyoto is an ideal city to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and study its extraordinary transformation to modernity.

Students live and study in historic old town Heidelberg an education in itself while attending concerts in beautiful concert halls, visiting museums, and spending time at a wide variety of wonderful historic and cultural sites.

French culture and history will come alive during a Hamilton in France semester. Each program is unique and offers a different focus. Subscribe for helpful tips on studying or interning abroad, info on exciting new programs, and sweet, sweet GIFs we promise.

This integrated curriculum allows our graduates to go anywhere, meet anyone, do anything, and achieve success in a wide range of compelling careers. Due to visa application processing times, the During a SATA semester, students will carry a regular course load with a specific academic focus, and spend time taking field trips designed to help develop an appreciation for the history, culture, and social customs of the region.

SST has been an integral part of Goshen since and has served more than students. Who has gained and who has lost during economic growth and during the lost decades since the early s.

Currently, Carleton offers 18 faculty-led programs along with numerous other programs sponsored by other organizations and universities.

It's your choice, although we don't recommend the latter option. The program choices vary giving students different tuition payment and course options. Being a girl travelling abroad alone, I deeply appreciated that everything was taken care of for me, from the visa application to the transport voucher from Sydney's airport to my hostel.

Extended trips are common to Austria and northern Germany and form an integral part of the program. These programs are very structured and offer various types of excursions and activities that relate to the courses you take while abroad. And, don't forget to consider how a program fits into the rest of your summer; keep in mind other commitments such as family trips and college visits.

We found that most universities offer study abroad programs through third-party organizations, or they provide enrollment at a partner university in a foreign country, but our list contains programs unique to the university, and provide a personal experience for the student.

SWAP was incredibly helpful. Courses offered at the Center cover the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and physical sciences. Its distinctiveness lies in the great diversity of its course offerings, the high caliber of its faculty and its excellent faculty-to-student ratio.

The Schools Abroad program gives each student guided freedom and allows the student tailor their experience to meet their needs and goals. Credit earned can be transferred to undergraduate programs at many other universities.

Oman, an Arab country in southwest Asia, is known to be a peaceful country. Deadlines extended for some Winter/Spring Programs! Contact UTA Study Abroad to start your application today!

Getting Started What's the toughest part of studying abroad? Deciding which program. The academic details you need to know vary depending on the type of study abroad program you choose. Review the following information for an overview of the five types of programs offered by the ASU Study Abroad Office.

Program length varies, but the following time frames are a. Study Abroad Programs Offered at APSU We are very excited that you are interested in studying abroad!

% of study abroad alumni recommend it. Study abroad graduates have a 25% h. Full-Semester, Winter, or Summer Abroad Options. EKU has a number of study abroad affiliates or exchange programs to choose from. Go for a short term program in Summer or Winter Break, OR choose a longer program that is Full Semester or Academic Year!

With ISEP, you have the option to supplement your study abroad coursework with an internship outside of the classroom, or intern full-time in a global city brimming with opportunity. Start a search on our website and select “Internship” under Filters to see programs available.

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STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM SUMMER - June 17 - July 15, Online applications are now closed and our participants are packing their bags! Check our website for .

Program abroad
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